How it all works

How much are your prices? Are they hourly?

Fox Valley Tours LLC, caters to the entire state of Wisconsin. Our fleet consists of shuttles and limousine buses capable of carrying between 12 and 27 passengers. For our 12 and 15 passenger shuttles, your time with us begins at the first pickup and ends at the last drop off unless the distance is greater than a half hour from Kaukauna, WI. (As an estimate, prices range from $49 - $75 per hour depending on service). Due to the variability in travel time between locations, it is our general policy to approximate the travel distance and use our standard hourly rate for the surplus travel time in addition to the cost of hours booked.


How far in advance should I make a reservation?

Reservations are first come first serve. You are welcome to make a reservation for as early as the following day or that night. If the vehicle is available, we'll do all we can to accomodate your trip.


What vehicles are available at Fox Valley Tours LLC?

We feature a 12 passenger standup/walkthrough party bus with side-facing seats, a 15 passenger shuttle with forward facing bench seats, and 20-27 passenger limousine buses with  wrap around limousine seating and karaoke. The overall size of the cabin and the number of seat belts available determine seating capacity. Please see the Party Bus Rates Page for pictures and detailed rates.


Do we pay for the time we are not using the Party Bus?

During the time spent when you are not using the Party Bus (i.e. shopping, dinner, concerts, sporting events, etc.) you are still required to pay for the rental time, even though you aren't physically using the vehicle. This is, of course, because the vehicle cannot be used elsewhere even though you are not using the vehicle. This is the industry standard, even when there are several hours in between drop-off and pickup times.


If I rent a Party Bus, when do my rental charges start?

At FVT, our standard billing practice is to begin our rental charges at your designated pickup time at your pickup location. "Travel Time" charges are usually reserved for our rural area customers where the distance may exceed 30 miles. Exceptions may apply to the 22 passenger limousine bus. Please call FVT at (920) 372-3400 for more information.


Can I see the vehicle that I will be renting beforehand?

Yes! Fox Valley Tours LLC is one limousine company in the Green Bay/Fox Valley area that will gladly allow you to view and inspect our vehicles. We feel that the condition of the vehicle and a face-to-face meeting will say a lot about the service you will receive on your event day. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or visit the fleet page.


Do I need to sign a contract to rent a Party Bus?

Fox Valley Tours LLC will provide you with a binding written agreement assuring you that you are securing the exact service you expect on your special day. Additionally, you should never be asked to pay the full fare in advance of your event. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is considered the industry standard.


What is your reservation policy?

At FVT,  you may request a party bus at any time however, we encourage you to make this request at least a day in advance. We require a 6 hour minimum for regular service and a 4 hour minimum for our specialty services.  At FVT, we follow the standard industry practice of requesting a 50% non-refundable deposit and 15% gratuity to hold your reservation and we then allow you to pay any unpaid balance at pick up time or any time before the service is provided.